Maternal Mental Health

The transition into parenthood is both an exciting and challenging time for most parents. Whether this is your first pregnancy or sixth pregnancy, welcoming a new baby into your home is a huge transition for not just mothers but for the whole family. Some people are able to adapt to the transition with relatively few complications. Yet for approximately 1 in 7 mothers and 1 in 10 fathers the transition during and/or after pregnancy can be a difficult time as these family members experience moderate to severe depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders. Postpartum mood and anxiety disorders are the leading complication during pregnancy! Please know that with help from a trained professional you can heal and thrive.

Maternal mental health or perinatal mood and anxiety disorders is a description for symptoms that a mother may experience anywhere from pregnancy to up to the first year after the birth of a child (some argue beyond the first year).  These symptoms vary for each person and may include: sadness, low motivation, racing thoughts, irritability, anger, increased or decreased need for sleep, appetite changes, difficulty bonding with the baby, isolation, fear, scary thoughts or images, panic, thoughts of "going crazy", thoughts of "I should have never become a mother", or even thoughts of harming oneself or the baby. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you are not alone and you can get help. In fact, if you are already here you are moving in the right direction toward healing.